Uniwigs proudly announces that La Vivid Collection by Albeir Awad was launched on January 27, 2016.
This whole new designer wig collection, which includes 7 different hair styles, each with 10 different hair colors, marks the first time for Uniwigs to collaborate with top level designers.

The COllection
  • AL01001-01R(Almond-Frost)
  • AL01001-10R(Creamy-Ice)
  • AL01001-11R(Hazel-Glaze)
  • AL01001-12R(Maple-Swirl)
  • AL01001-13R(Sparking-Amber)
  • AL01001-17(Salted-Tiramisu)
  • AL01001-19(Java-Shimmered)
lavivid lisa


Delightful sihouette with endless versatility.

  • AL01002-01R-(Almond-Frost)
  • AL01002-07(Shadow-Chestnut)
  • AL01002-10R(Creamy-Ice)
  • AL01002-11(Hazel-Glaze)
  • AL01002-18R(Double-Frost-Java)
lavivid jenny


  • AL01008-01R(Almond-Frost)
  • AL01008-09R(Macadamia)
  • AL01008-13(Sparking-Amber)
  • AL01008-16(Chocolate-Caramel)
  • L01008-18R(Double-Frost-Java)
  • AL01008-19(Java-Shimmered)
lavivid patsy


A trendy look featuring a wispy cut with progressive mixed layers and heavily texturized mixed ends.

  • AL01003-01R(Almond-Frost)
  • AL01003-06(Light-Brown)
  • AL01003-07R(Shadow-Chestnut)
  • AL01003-09R(Macadamia)
  • AL01003-16(Chocolate-Caramel)


A sexy,captivating style with long,face framing subtle layers

  • AL01005-09R(Macadamia)
  • AL01005-12(Maple-Swirl)
  • AL01005-13R(Sparking-Amber)
  • AL01005-14(Honey-Glaze)
  • AL01005-15R(Frappuccino)
lavivid kate


Casually tousled style with customized razored layers for natural fullness in the crown.

  • AL01007-01(Almond-Frost)
  • AL01007-07R(Shadow-Chestnut)
  • AL01007-09R(Macadamia)
  • AL01007-10R(Creamy-Ice)
  • AL01007-11(Hazel-Glaze)
lavivid halle


Short and “edgy” style,with point-cut layered and deathered fringe that can be tamed or tousled.

  • AL01006-01R(Almond-Frost)
  • AL01006-06(Light-Brown)
  • AL01006-07R(Shadow-Chestnut)
  • AL01006-11R(Hazel-Glaze)
  • AL01006-19(Java-Shimmered)
lavivid liz


Unique,yet retro,chin length bob featuring a side swept fringe horizon.

The Designer
lavivid albeir

Albeir Awad

  • Albeir Awad based in Los Angeles, is nationally recognized as a top designer and educator in alternative hair industry.
  • His great forte is to mix synthetic fibers and multi-color tones to achieve the appealing and natural look. Therefore, in the collection you can see what an amazing diversity of the color combination the designer intends to represent.
  • As former Director of Design for Rene of Paris, he has successfully introduced many different collections and received Achievement Award in 2008 for superior, outstanding performance.
  • Now Albeir is making that same talent available to other hair companies through the newly formed Albeir Design Consultancy (ADC).